The Birth of Larimar

My consistent lifelong love of music and desire to show humanity their innate embodiment and connection to our natural world has resulted most recently with a collaboration with Oasis Sound Sculpture in creating the World’s first Hand Pan, or more specifically Pantam Sound Sculpture, in a scale that not only is tuned to the auspicious frequency of 432 Hz, but also has it’s root in the frequency of Ohm and it’s overall tuning predates Bach and returns our ears and vibrations to what is called Just Intonation tuning system.  My intention and goal in creating this scale for the Hand Pan is that not only does it realign us the Harmonic Structure of our Earth frequencies through listening to it, but it is able to be played on the body, bringing these healing vibes to a deep cellular level. 

Adrian Ensor of Oasis Sound Sculpture was intrigued and open to the idea of applying this scale to the Hand Pan.  He has finely crafted the first of its kind and has gifted me with the honor of naming this scale.  I have chosen the name of Larimar ~ A rare, beautiful stone, found only one place on Earth in the Dominican Republic.  It is both Adrian’s and Chelsea’s desire that this instrument now carry these tones to others and that Larimar go forth in dedication and service to the fullness of what it is to be truly… Human Nature.  


A scale with tones of over and under

Bringing in light and sound of the thunder

Her heart is one with water that soothes

Unveiling a healing to all who would choose

A frequency root C# has been sewn

One of unity, earth and of OM

Steel structure of sound in 432

Her ocean re-crystallized

structured for you

Moment of now

Movement of flow

The water that gives

all needed to grow

And so she is known as Larimar

Birthed from the flames of volcanic fire

Soothing, awakening what is meant to be free

A breeze from the north

Her waves penetrate deep

Cooling down what’s been soldered without leaving a scar

Putting fear to sleep

A permanent slumber to sorrows and suffering

her bounty abundantly yours to keep

A melody of love

Remember her name

A heart of service

A song of praise


More information about Larimar Scale and Just Intonation Tuning ~

The scale for this instrument is rooted in several things:

1.  It is rooted in C# around 136.10 Hz, the frequency of OM – entraining our weaker vibrations into the strength of the heart of the EARTH, grounding us in it’s frequency of strength, love, warmth and joy, reconnecting us to our womb, our mother.

2.  Tuned to 432, the latitude of many sacred sites, the average frequency of a new born babies cry.  The frequency of the HEART MERIDIAN. The radius of the SUN (432 million miles), octaves above 108 (distance to the SUN).  432Hz is also the frequency that creates a beautiful crystalline structure in each water droplet and so there for each water droplet of you.  It is also an octave above 216 Hz with is the frequency that bee’s wings creates which enables them to levitate and seemingly fly!

3.  Just Intonation and The Overtone Series’ Harmonic Structure of Sound.  Frequency and intervals in ALIGNMENT with NATURE.  A selection of overtones and undertones bringing BALANCE and rooted in frequencies of the Golden Mean

4.  A rotation of melody around the keys of A major, C# minor and E major bringing in many modes of expression.