Expand  Step to the side and you’ll see a whole new point of view Doesn’t seem to be the same until it happens to you Speed of sound turns into a dark matter of fact Focus on what’s to gain and not just what you lack Expand Spheres of vision, all the I’s open wide …

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Rainbow Warrior

I am a rainbow warrior I am a white buffalo woman We are white, black, yellow and red We are bands of power We are hands of holding the way forward I am a rainbow warrior I am a salted earthen child We are suffered, understood, survived and endured We are rivers of light We …

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Naked Muse

Naked muse walking thru my mind Naked muse following time Floating far come as you are   Interlocking fingers Feeling out my fear Interchangeable  Foot steps one by one Ticking time pieces find them Mosaic puzzle floating in the wind Moving the Earth out and in Colors green and brown Forest floor Feet become part …

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