Wander with me

Wander with me… into dreams

We melt together and become one    

The in and the out of the shining sun

Days and the nights are holding hands

Runnin through the forest with a perfect plan

Roots grow deep standin so still        

In a peaceful sleep with a mighty will                                                            

Wander with me

Wander with me, see what dreams may come

Young hearts fly free, through the fields they run

Wander with me, put your hand in the sun 

Feel the heat, feel the passion, till we melt into one    

Unite in a flame that blinds everyone

The colors that shine light up our love 

Go to run and we’re lifted high

Made it to the land where we can fly

I take a breath with the wind

No need for words He’s an angel king

Silver tounge devil not a flaw in the skill / Dreamwalker close your eyes and see strawberry fields / She flys like Lucy in the sky with diamonds got me higher than I’ve ever been and Im still climbin / Moving smooth like a love song vampire kisses at night  / Eternal twilight makin love till the suns dawn / A summers heat never feel the winters touch or splinters that cut / Just infinity and us wander with me / Down the rabbit hole the parts I know are in your heart and soul / I can play the madhatter show you what you used to know / Give you what you really need and if it sounds crazy that’s the nature of a dream in this place forever changing / nothing remaining the same and what makes you jump when your hearts are falling head over heels / The world is so fake / Swear Id stop this world’s rotation just to melt with you / Not a single word spoken but you felt it too

We’re swept away embrace the air

Embrace each other without a care

Minglin’ with the birds and dancin’ with the clouds

Lighting’s falling, thunder sounds

Rain comes down interrupts my dream

Realize I’m addicted to peace

Wander with me

Wander with me see where the wild things dwell / We can outshine heaven / Quench the fires of hell / We can reach for the stars / There’s no limit in the sky / I can wrap you in my wings and show you how to fly / Anything can happen if you really believe / So close your eyes girl and just…

Wander with me.