Sugar Lining

I’m looking over a world filled with clover and everyone gets to pick at least one

I’m digging under the ground for the thunder that’s lost in the footsteps that buried it down

I’m choosing and musing the people abusing the days and the ways forgotten and gone

Something is brewing and sticking and stewing and placing sweet tasting words on my tongue

I’m sugar lining life with music

I’m sugar lining life

And I’m feeling people have lost touch with equal busy with worry and bitter with seed

It’s time for dancing and summer romancing our dreams and enhancing the lemons we need

Squeezing and straining and stirring and staying and drinking it all up under the sun

Laying out blankets cause we’re gonna make it so plan on a lifetime don’t stop till you’ve won

And something has to give… for life to find a way to live

So shine… shine sugar lining…

Shine sugar line

The flowing is growing and talking and moaning and separating the wheat from the grain

Loving and laughing will be everlasting like mercury rises we’ll all go insane

Riding deciding real music mining 

You’ll never know the places you’ll go

Fever-mind blowing revealing and knowing 

It tickles my fingers down to my toes

I’m sugar lining

Sugar lining life with music

Sugar lining life