Come to Me

You’re the drug I can’t quit

You’re the ball I’m the mitt

Wanna catch you and run away

You’re the dog I’m the trick and I’ll stay here and sit

I will not get up till you say

I’m the evergreen tree

Gonna stay I won’t leave. 

I will hold on ever so tight 

I’m the bear, you’re the honey

You’re the jokes that are funny, 

and I’m smiling at you tonight…

Come to me love…

You’re the chair where I sit

You’re the clothes and they fit

Gonna wear you all day long

You’re the happiness here

You’re the notes that I hear

My lips are singing your song

You’re the feelin I get

When I don’t know ya yet

And it’s time that you realize

You’re the place where I rest

You’re the answer I guessed

And I want to receive my prize

Oh boy, don’t be so shy…

Come to me love…

You’re the one that I need

You’re the light and I see

Without you I walk in the dark

You’re the days to my week

And it’s years that I seek

Our time is ready to start

You’re the food that I eat

The dinner and the treat

You taste so good to my mouth

I’m a bird in the sky

I’ve got wings I can fly

And you’re my warm weather south

Come to me and let me see you 

I’ll give you all I am and I’ll receive you

I found my treasure yeah my search is over 

You’re the piece to my puzzle 

You fit like no other

Come to me…   

love love love love