Rainbow Warrior

I am a rainbow warrior

I am a white buffalo woman

We are white, black, yellow and red

We are bands of power

We are hands of holding the way forward

I am a rainbow warrior

I am a salted earthen child

We are suffered, understood, survived and endured

We are rivers of light

We are bodies of flowing movement to the sea

I am a rainbow warrior

I am a fiction becoming real

We are stories, intuition, ships and a breeze

We are bridges of love

We are knees of bending so as not to break ourselves

I am a rainbow warrior

I am a caterpillar girl butterfly chief

We are awakened, alive, fearless and free

We are hoops of never-ending divine

I am a rainbow warrior

I am an endless turquoise hoop

We are circles, shapes, energy and sound

We are musical forms

We are prose of spoken prophecy revived

We come from red

We come from orange

We come from yellow

We are the storm

We come from green

We come from blue

We are indigo and violet

It’s the me and the you.

The way forward is where I will express myself

I will show what I’ve been shown

I will grow what I’ve been sown

The way forward is my attempt to become real

I will show what once was locked inside

I will show what I feel

The way forward is a fine line crossed

Out of my misery and into the moss

Onto the soft places 

Into the safe spaces

The way forward is only here because of what came before

Out of survival and fear

Holding all at my core

The way forward is a releasing of fire

Burning, refining the telling of hours

And days and years

Unstuck from the grime

The way forward is where we are ok being alone

The way forward is a different kind of home

The way forward is peaceful

The way forward is quiet

The way forward is outside the conversation

Where we see it, but don’t buy it.  

The way forward is accepting what we’ve done

The way forward is choosing without completion 

To start a new story giving others what is needed.

Maybe to know that we are alone together

Maybe to know you are capable of feathers

Maybe to inspire what may otherwise be lost

Maybe to warm a heart from winters bitter frost

I am a rainbow warrior

An arrow straight and Im aiming at you

I will give you what I have and you can decide what to do.

Dear Humans,

It’s ok to go without

Its ok

To ask for help

Its ok to stop the game

Its ok to say you don’t want to play

Its alright to let it go

All the pieces outside your flow

Everything they said you are or are not

Was their plot

Not yours

Be assured

Its alright to exit the survival game

Its alright to change your name

Its alright not to know

Which way to go

And surely as it is all ordained

We will never be the same.

We are rainbow warriors.