Media Digs

Take the tv outta your pocket

Put the gossip back in the cabinet

Where’s the lock, the cabinets are full but so is your heart

Stop talking about sports and go play one for a start

Precious sports pass the ball pass the buck 

What’s really important will count on your luck

Place your bets on what you can never control

And watch those dice…roll, roll, roll

Politicians’ hands so polished and smooth

Never did a damn day of work in their life 

Causing strife

Passing it out while we scream and shout…

Hell no we won’t do it…we won’t go

A big game we really think we know their name

Secret handshakes and scripts written for distraction

Look over here not over there

No doubt that we’ll do what they dare 

You may just find yourself deep down there somewhere

Wading in the shallows 

Wearing halos bought with words

Everyone is talking about spirits outside of their own

The circle of mind is drawn smaller with lines 

you cannot see, shapes you can’t own

Straight shooting at the high life, the lime light 

The green envy monster that’s under your bed at night

In your head locking your gaze 

Chippawooies on the way

Grab your surf shorts and bathrobes

Got you stare stock boat tripped and rocked 

Stealing all your days

Straight and turn the sharp cornered maze

Your legs are twisted, not sure why you’re here  

Your morals blistered 

Rubbing and tugging the pleasure ride guide 

Of the news reporter makes your life shorter and shorter

And there’s not enough time 

To get it all in before the next show at 9

Your heart is blind and wouldn’t recognize a hard time

Oh yeah it’s to be afraid 

You listened when they told you to run

Don’t think for yourself, just finish what begun

Each day a gift you never unwrap 

You pass the package pretty bow, but what’s inside you’ll never know

It’s untapped trapped and stale

Souls for sale

Celebrity fame, newscaster’s game 

They threw you a line now you’re hooked, injured and lame

Perpetuating, the love hating, gossip lips sucking on media tits

Press is putting the pressure on creating one big sing songy sing along song

La la la la laugh till your dead with all that big pile of shit in your head

Now get out your shovel

Ya dig?

There’s a lot of shit around so many pigs

Dig and dig till the lotus is found

Breathe in and choke and break the ground hard

And swing again till there’s no more sweat or tears to shed 

We do what were told and were told what to do 

This story is real it could happen to you