Different now the Same

Different now the same

So, we’ve established that we want to be different

Just for the sake of being strange.  

Have we pinpointed what it is we want to be different from?  

What exactly we feel we need to rearrange?  

Is it time to make the difference we’ve become?  

Behold the innate energy we receive from the sun? 

Seems this our mentality for so long now, that we “the people” don’t realize how we’ve grown.  

What it is in our hearts that has become known.  

We are now the majority. 

Time to take our authority.  

The scales have tipped in the difference becoming the norm.  

Time to come at em hard, a living, breathing perfect storm.   

A people undivided.  

A spectrum of vibrancy.  

Wisdom’s library.  

Some just can’t see it yet.  

Each other’s eyes a mirror to realize.  

Who are we?  We are we.  They are out there somewhere.  They have never been more.  We have never been less.  Their power is in us thinking they have power.   How do we rely on each other?  How do we no longer need them.  Do we realize our power?  We just don’t believe it yet.  We have it.  We always have…Now, we are realizing…re aligning…real eyes ing…real ally zing… reel I sing… real icing.

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