Does your life want to cook up some Serendipity for you. How do like your Serendipity? Do you like it dippity? …maybe over easy. I like mine medium well. There’s always sunny side up, that’s always nice. Poaching is one approach…ing. Sometimes it’s served a little scrambled. Pair it with some flavor and spice.  Say …

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A song

Oh, it’s knockin on my brain. It’s drivin me insane. It’s a song. Distracting as can be. But, it’s makin sense of me. It’s a song. Who I am and what I live. Gets inside thru a sieve. Takes my mind.  Ending line. Threads it through a needles eye. Puzzle solved and begins. No one …

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Gotta get this dream outta my pocket. It’s a little too safe and secure. Gotta get this dream outta my pocket. It’s just too easy to forget and ignore. I’ll wear it like a head dress for all to see. It’ll be easy. I just have to be me.