Carve a way

Carve a way. A new river bed.  In your heart, in your soul, in your home, in your head.  Carve a way.  A new frame of mind.  Leave the past and the future behind. 

Carve a way. Through paper mountains.  In your depth, in your soul, for your heart is a fountain.  Carve a way. For water will flow.  And now it needs a place to go.

Carve a way. And do it quick.  In your life, in your strife,  glue is wet, memories stick.  Carve a way.  Light up a match.  The knowledge box.  Unseal the hatch.

Carve a way.  Music and art.  In your head, your home, your soul, and your heart.  Carve a way. For rivers will come.  And they won’t stop until their work is done.

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