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We are all on a journey. A wonderful, beautiful, mysterious meandering of experience and learning.

It is my joy that we may encounter each other here!

I intend in sharing my story, that it may serve to inspire, cultivate and reflect your own divine truths and what it is to be authentically and harmoniously you.

I also look forward to working with some of you soon! ❤

In Music and Health, Chelsea

My Story

     Chelsea Caroline is a woman of Bosnia Herzegovina and Norwegian descent and is a mother to two remarkably magical children, a songwriter, music producer and naturalist from the beautiful Susquehanna riverside, capital city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She grew up with the musical and cultural soundtrack of the expressive and raw 1970s/ 1980s rock, reggae and blues and the innovative hip hop, electronica and trance of the 1990s.

Growing up above her hard working immigrant grandparents’ bar amongst jukeboxes, her entire extended family and her experimental free spirited hippie parents and living between 2 very diverse neighborhoods, she learned at an early age how to be a true diplomat, innovative singer, writer, artist and community architect.  She learned to use her voice and talents to build bridges between neighborhoods, cultures, ideologies and diverse, sometimes difficult situations and environments.  Seeking kindred creatives and viewing our world as her home, Chelsea has lived and worked in: in Milan, Italy; Athens, Greece; Ontario, Canada; New York City and Los Angeles; with more brief visits to Norway, Switzerland and has traveled across the USA several times visiting most of our United States.

 Always fascinated with the universal language of music, the creative process and the art of storytelling, Chelsea has written and performed over a hundred original songs, stories and poems.  She’s studied performance, voice, piano, guitar, clarinet, hand pan and hand percussion and most recently has begun to study synthesis and many instruments used in sound healing, including the monolina, sansula and the use of pure frequencies such as tuning forks.  She has written and produced music for Universal Pictures, J2 Producer and LA West Records, as well as several other artists on the East and West coast of the United States.

In 2014 she began studying and working with several seasoned sound engineers, establishing her skills further in music production, audio engineering, recording, mixing.  In 2016, at the completion of her first full length album titled Songs from the Sea, Chelsea partnered her music in support of Plastic Pollution Coalition and in 2019, she founded and directed her own Environmental/Arts initiative called Earthen Water and Water ER. This initiative brought about heightened awareness and successful political action, resulting in a nationally mandated clean up of her beloved Susquehanna River (a work still in progress). Chelsea also created and served her own artist in residence program for the Green Ridge Elementary Music Program in Pennsylvania and has helped to found and develop several other collective art initiatives.

 While moving forward with plans to “inspire the world”, Chelsea realized she needed to pause and take better care of her “own world”.  In 2007 Chelsea started to suffer from intense chronic pain in her body that made it very difficult to function on any normal level.  She started to see pain specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists and naturopathic doctors, but nothing seemed to help.  Chelsea reached a low point after the passing of her mother in 2018 and realized she only really knew how to be a vibration for others and not fully for and of herself.  She decided to dig deeper into what it means to “be human” and “heal” from what we experience as physical pain and suffering.  

So, In 2020, 2021 and 2022 she took her knowledge of life and music to another level and completed her studies in Sound and Vibrational Sound Therapy at Globe Institute for Sound Healing and Recording Arts under the direction of Founder & President, David Gibson and his masterful teachers there.  She immediately focused her study in the field of Sound Acupuncture and Sound Massage and has been a member of the Medical Sound Research Foundation since 2020.  She also now holds accreditation as teacher and practitioner of Shaking Medicine through the Shaking Medicine Foundation, founded and directed by Dr. Keith Motes.  Both areas of study are ancient healing modalities encompassing many aspects of the Yogic, Taoist & Indigenous cultures of our world that recognize and utilize the powerful medicine of vibration, frequency, intuition and mind/body awareness to release stored trauma and return oneself to a state of homeostasis, which is the optimal state for self healing.  She also worked with the best FDN she could find and studied physical detox with Diane Kazer, founder of Diane Kazer Wellness.  

Chelsea has learned to apply all of this new wisdom to her own mental, emotional and physical body and heal from the chronic pain she had been experiencing over the last 15 years.  Combining this experience with her background, she’s now adept at techniques in Somatic & Intuitive Voice Work, Shaking Medicine, Sound Massage, Sound Acupuncture, Shamanic Journeying and in 2019 she became a certified Reiki Master and receiver of the 9 Passage Rites of the Munay Ki.  She is also currently a studentAyurveda and Marma Point Therapy with the California College of Ayurveda.  Chelsea also has a working knowledge of foraging, wildcrafting, gardening, food as medicine and medicinal plants. 

    Chelsea looks forward to the journey ahead and is thrilled to now offer classes, workshops and private individual sessions, sharing what she has learned.  She also is excited about incorporating sound for healing into her music: writing soul songs for individuals; working with healing frequencies and binaural beats; and has plans to release her second album in 2024.  🎶

Chelsea’s desire is to bring the most effective, ancient and progressive self healing techniques, sounds, music, stories and wellness focused practices to her community of clients and beyond and empower individual and collective growth through creative exploration and discovery.

Let's Connect!

Thank you for visiting and learning more about me!

My desire as an artist and creator is to continue to be a leader and innovator of our collective creative wave of conscious conversation, compassion, and imaginative thinking.  My goal is to produce work and initiatives that inspire the way we approach healing our inner and outer world through music and the arts. 

Let us write music and stories in which to live, with a foundation based in the wisdom of all the ways forgotten. 

Please feel free to reach out and CONTACT ME to discuss a project or schedule an inspirational performance or private session.  

Also, contact me with any questions you may have that are not covered in my FAQ section at the bottom of most pages of this site.


Work History

Professional Performing Artist. Singer, Poet and Song-Writer, Chelsea Caroline, 1993 to present;
Music Producer, Recording Artist, Singer, Guitarist and Percussionist, BATIDA 2006 to present;
Creative Counselor, 2011; Co/Founder of Fire House Arts Community Initiative, Columbia, PA,
2012; Music Teaching Artist in Residence, Greenridge Elementary School Children’s Choir,
Mechanicsburg, PA, 2013; Plastic Pollution Coalition Partner, 2014 to present; Music Producer,
Composer, Arranger, Singer, Pianist, Percussionist, Recording Artist, Original Full Length
Album, Songs from the Sea 2016; Co/Producer, Writer and Recording Artist for LA West
Records, 2014-2017; Session Writer and Vocalist, J2 Producer, 2013-2016; Speaker/Performer,
Holistic Healing, The Individual and Universal Perspective, 2017; Writer and Producer,
Rainbow Seeds, Little Tree, 2006, 2020, 2021; Creative Director, Animator and Videographer of
Music Videos, Songs from the Sea Fairytale, Easy to Sail,  Real Eyes and YouTube Channel Chelsea Caroline Music, 2013-2022; Founder &
Director of Earthen Water, Water ER Exhibits 2018-2019 : CEO Chelsea Caroline Music LLC 2019-Present; Member of The Medical Sound Research Foundation, 2020-Present; Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner, The Globe Institute for Sound Healing and Recording Arts 2020; Certified Shaking Medicine Teacher, The Shaking Medicine Foundation 2021. 

we’ll dig past it all, all the doubt and the cold.  We won’t be what falls or fades away, never looking Down below. 
  We are burning like the sun and no, we are not afraid.  We’ve Got a fearless heart and we’ll show you the meaning of brave.” – Chelsea Caroline 2016
“All these days, all these forgotten ways… Let’s just go down to the water…
And dragons will fly and systems will fail… with wings and the wind,  it’s easy to sail.” – Chelsea Caroline 2012