A song

Oh, it’s knockin on my brain.

It’s drivin me insane.

It’s a song.

Distracting as can be.

But, it’s makin sense of me.

It’s a song.

Who I am and what I live.

Gets inside thru a sieve.

Takes my mind.  Ending line.

Threads it through a needles eye.

Puzzle solved and begins.

No one loses.  Plays to win.

A story whole.  

About to come on.

Be told.  Unfold.

Who decides and who will sing?

3 to 4 minutes.

Harmony fling.

Stories condensed.

Moments in time.

A little bit with a whole lot inside.

To be enjoyed.

As many as you like.

In your car or on your bike.

Music hypnotic, sweet melodic.

Gold fuel.

Movin you.

Rockin you.

Soul hoppin you.

Calling and uhauling

Your hopes and dreams along.

Each with a life of its own.

A soul out loud.  

Revealing it all.

A tale relieved.

Beauty believed.

A song.

La la la la la la la      La la la la la 

It came out like a song.

Rather sweet and long.

Subtle memories.  Living melody.

It’s a song